Francine Melder

I am the unexpected creative force behind the Designer In You Paint & Decorative Products Line.  When I married my best friend in 1989 and started looking for ways to make our little apartment look beautiful and inviting on our meager budget, I began mixing paints and products to improve the yard sale finds I purchased.  Little did I know that this is when my business was born. Through much trial and error I created “recipes” that eventually turned into formulas for my products.   I never dreamed that I would have my own business, and am humbled by the opportunity. 


I’m a Texas girl, wife to my soulmate (still my best friend), and mom to three incredibly talented daughters.  My degree is in Psychology, which I find that I use every day in surprising ways.  Because I love to paint, you can find it somewhere on every article of clothing that I own, many times even on my Labradoodle, Charlie.


Though I now have a manufacturer that makes my paint, I still do make 97% of our products.  My customers let me know when there is a product that they love, and I try my best to replicate it and sell it for a reasonable price.  There are still a couple of products that have me stumped, but I am confident that I will be able to figure out how to make them in time.  I love the challenge, and am constantly dreaming of new products to expand our line.

Alena Lara
Managing Partner/Director of Sales

Moving from Texas to Atlanta as a child for my fathers painting business, I never guessed I would one day be Managing Partner of a Paint and Decorative Products Company.


As a young girl I was always fascinated with makeup and hair. I graduated from cosmetology school at 19 and then went on to apprentice for 3 years under one of Atlanta’s top colorist/stylist- never realizing that 15 years later I would trade in my makeup brushes for paint brushes!


One day I decided to paint a small table in my home and I was instantly hooked! After honing my painting skills and trying every furniture paint on the market I still had not found the one line that could do it all. That is, until one day quite by accident (or fate) I walked into DuPres Antique Market and met Francine!


I had finally come across what I was searching for – a product line whose quality is superior compared to any paint I had tried! Armed an amazing product and the knowledge my father passed on to me, I was ready to start my business as The Painter’s Daughter!  And because of my supportive husband and two amazing daughters, I have been able to be successful in following my dream as an entrepreneur.