Designer In You Artisan-Affiliate Program Thank you for your interest in becoming a Designer In You Artisan-Affiliate! We believe that each Artisan-Affiliate is a gifted artist with a unique talent, style, and goals all their own. We celebrate you and look forward to seeing your work.

Each of our Artisan-Affiliates goes through a selection process made by our team of artists that view our applicants’ work, voice, style, and etiquette on social media. Though it is not required, we also focus on the ability to stage and take web-worthy photos, the number of followers you have, and the amount of traffic you create.

If you are chosen to be a Designer In You Artisan-Affiliate, you will be given a username and password and a specific link to our site that tracks all of your traffic and sales. When you post a project or talk about our products, include your link. When your potential customer clicks on it, they will be taken to our site. If they purchase paint or paint products, your will receive 20% of the retail price in your PayPal account.

Unlike others, we are so much more than just a Paint Company and have become Distributors for several brands. We want you to benefit from these partnerships as well. If your customer purchases the products that we distribute such as Cling-On Brushes, Iron Orchid Designs Products (Rub-On Transfers, Moulds, Patterned Rollers, etc), Furniture Appliqués, Stencils, etc, you will receive 10% of the retail price paid. Because we are constantly expanding our line to become a one-stop shop for everything DIY and expect to continue to expand in our product offerings, you have a greater potential for increased profit as compared to other similar programs.

You do not have to purchase inventory or even ship your customers’ purchases to them. We will handle all of that. All you need to do is use our products, share your projects on social media, and enjoy the benefits. The more you share, the greater your income potential!

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We look forward to sharing this opportunity with you!

-The Designer In You Team