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My Laundry Room Makeover

When my husband and I purchased our fixer upper 12 years ago  (no children and filled with energy!) we never imagined the amount of work we undertook and how long we would have to wait until we could add the cosmetic touches I so longed for. While other homeowners shopped for granite countertops and the perfect backsplash we were trying to figure out how to keep the walls from literally caving in!  Well…it passed inspection (I’m convinced our home inspector was drinking on the job that day)!

There have been times that I wish I could have traveled back in time and tell my younger self “Don’t walk away from closing – RUN!! But despite the constant unpleasant surprises, injuries, smashed fingers, being hit by flying debris and arguments (mainly started by me ?) I remember all the beautiful memories we have created in our home- from the moment we brought each of our daughters home for the first time, to cooking dinner for my grandparents who were visiting from Mexico. My grandfather loved my house even at its worst! He commented on how lovely the iron gates that led to the kitchen were (the same ones I refuse to sell to this day even though we have moved them into another room).

That was the last time he would ever visit my home before he passed away.  I can still see him standing outside my living room window enjoying the view of our pond in the backyard which reminds me of the reason we fell in love with this property -THAT VIEW!! We bought that view and were determined to make our house worthy of it!



So here I am 12 years later with more than a few grey hairs, but a very structurally sound home! I am finally able to make my home as pretty as our view!



My 1st project was the laundry room (more like a closet). When we relocated it, we encountered a few plumbing obstacles/costs that shrunk my budget quite a bit. But I was not deterred as shrinking budgets had become a common theme with all of our projects due to costly surprises behind each wall!



After the walls had been painted with Designer In You Paint in Vintage Sage we had our washer and dryer installed.



I purchased low builder-grade white laminate cabinets for $80.00 at my local ReStore, which I painted.  I used one of the Designer In You Paint Color-Match Collection colors: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen.  Because we offer a Color-Matching Service, literally any color is possible!  I also used Totally Taupe, and Dark Antiquing Glaze.  Because it is a laundry room and there will be water I sealed in with Designer in You Top Coat in Satin finish.

I then found a granite company that offered a few slabs for $19.00 a sq ft installed with the cutout for a sink and faucet totaling $350.00!



We took a little break for a few months and I discovered a company named Aspect that offered amazing peel and stick tiles in glass, stone, wood, and stainless steel. At $16 a sq ft it’s actually way less than traditional tile which requires a higher skill level to install or paying for labor, grout, backer board, tools, etc.  I think it’s beautiful, and it was not hard at all!

Final cost for 30 Sq Ft $480.00 + tax and installed in just a few hours.

We installed a shelf with 3 Everbilt brushed nickel rod brackets, closet pole and pole end caps.rod brackets, closet pole and pole end caps.



I then added all the finishing touches!




It was a fun project!  Now on to the next one!

Aspect peel and stick backsplash


The Laundress of New York

Laundry signs and glass containers

Wire baskets

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